Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finding rhythm

Well hello. It's been a HUGE week. Today is the first day I have not had to work in about 4 weeks. It feels good! This week has been amazing and massive. Birthdays, celebrations and deadlines. All in one week.

I am starting to find a rhythm in this new phase of life. And its a rhythm that only suits us. Our family. This season is so wonderful and all we have ever dreamed of. It's God-breathed and infused with His Grace. And it's busier and crazier than anything I have ever experienced before. Somehow though, it's not stressful. If I stop and listen I know that there is a rhythm for me and us. But first I need to free myself of my own expectation of what I think I should do or be doing. I need to stop and breathe and listen to Him...

So anyway, last weekend Rupi and I had a joint birthday celebration. I am not a party-queen and find organising birthday parties quite stressful. And there's a bit of peer pressure in NZ to have a birthday party for your child each and every year. Ahh, no thanks! So I think on the "off years" for Rupi, he and I will share a celebration!

This year was an Ice Cream social. An American concept and as a South African, I LOVE anything American. Usually the hosts (I believe) provide the ice cream and everybody brings topping and there is mass consumption of ice cream sundaes. We decided to provide it all and had waffles, bananas, choc/ vanilla and berry ice cream, lashings of cream, choc/ caramel and berry sauces, chopped peanuts, marshmallows, toasted coconut and hokey pokey for toppings. One word- BLISS!

We had a barbecue afterwards to try and soak up the sugar and Rupi did a spontaneous performance for us with his cousin....Look at his face!!!

The week brought my birthday (I feel sooooo old. BUT I did get asked for ID when buying a bottle of wine at the supermarket today and they ask if you look under 25 years old...WOOOHOOO!!! I digress...) So anyway. Yes I am old. But I had a wonderful picnic with my sisters and Mom. With coffeee, chocolate and cake and the sun shone. Perfection!

And then the cutest moment of the week has to go to Dida and Blossom. Here he is bathing her in Epsom salts as she had a raw, raw bottom from the severe reaction to the goats milk and soy milk formulas. It was ugly. So now she's on a hyper-allergenic formula and we are seeing a paediatrician on Monday. [Her bottom is better now!]

Have a wonderful weekend!



Meg said...

Gorgeous bathing shot! I love it! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. My R couldn't handle goats milk either, I've heard that it's quite similar to cow's milk. Glad you've got something else to try though.

Meadow Lea Lite margarine is dairy free (not the full fat one though) and low in trans fats so that's our everyday spread. Works well in baking as does soy milk in place of regular milk. I wouldn't recommend trying rice milk in baking though, haven't had much luck there. You might just need to bake your own rusks for her (not sure about df ones there).

Penny said...

Yes the bathing shot is so cute!! Glad her bottom is better.
And so nice you have a breather from work!

Gail said...

Hey Sweets, I haven't said happy birthday!!!!! or have I?? I forget!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both you and Rupi. It sounds like a perfect way to celebrate - and something I had in mind for Miss6's next birthday!

tea said...

These are such great pictures of your family, Sammy. That one of bathtime is so sweet. I'm glad you're finding a rhythm that suits your family well!! <3

Widge said...

happy Birthday to you both!!
and i told you , you look YOUNG as!! LOVE getting asked for ID ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh YUM! The ice cream social sounds divine! I am a real sucker for ice cream...mmmmm!

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I truly appreciate your thoughts for our wee man :)

Simoney said...

Gorgeous Sammy!!
Love that picture of blossom and dida.
And Rupi singing. What a dude!!

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