Friday, December 10, 2010


This is my 300th post. 300!!!!! Yikes. This blog started as word from God. To share what I was experiencing. This blog has witnessed my greatest pain and greatest joy. It has seen God break through for us in miraculous ways. This blog has seen my mourning turn to dancing.

And I love that I know so many of you. I don't blog for anything other than the sheer joy of it and the chance to know all of you. I don't count followers or look at stats. I just love to write and I love knowing all of you.

So to thank you I am giving away two of these little gems. Made by PaisleyJade who is one of my followers and favourite bloggie friends, they caught my eye the minute she posted about them. I just love them!! Lucky there were only two in her shop or I may have got more....

You get a little pink one and a lime one. I won't name them although I'd love to, I will leave that to you!

Leave a comment and Rupi will make a (scientific) draw next Tuesday (14 December 2010). Open to anyone from anywhere!

And's to you!



Widge said...

Congratulations Sammy!!

I actually spent awhile reading back over some of your earlier posts the other day (not all 300 though!) and you have shared an AMAZING story here.
I am honoured and blessed to call you my bloggy friend.

p.s those cupcakes are too freakin cute!

PaisleyJade said...

Congratulations Sammy! Your blog has been such an inspiration for me - and I'm so glad you got the last ones in the shop (the others were snapped up fast).

p.s. don't count me in the giveaway!

Elizabeth said...

Oh - they're gorgeous, count me in!

tea said...

Congratualtions on your 300th post, Sammy! I'm so glad you have come out of mourning and into dancing!!! God has done amazing things! The cupcakes are so cute. I love those colors. Paisley Jade is so good at all her makings.

Teegan said...

Oh yes please! How cute are they?!?

Alycia (The Curious Pug) said...

i love love love these! too cute to eat hehe! i'd love to enter :)

Meg said...

Yay Sammy 300 and counting! Well done. I love blogging too. It used to be for the grandparents but now it's pretty much for me :o) They're cute cupcakes!

m.e (Cathie) said...

congratulations on your 300th post!
found you via PaisleyJade and those wonderfully delicious cupcakes ♥

MNM's said...

Congrats indeed. I have so enjoyed being part of your journey of late. Awesome achievement.

Count me in to win anything made by the talented Ms Paisley Jade...although I also don't want to be too greedy since I have had a bit of luck winning giveaways of late, so I'd have to gift my winnings away if I did!

Look forward to the next 300 posts :-)

Gail said...

Hmmm. Should I enter?? OF COURSE!! And if I win, you can have naming rights for one of them!!

I love you guys and your amazing story - your courage to share, encourage and scaffold others who share a similar story (each being so personal and individual!). I love that I know and see you in the "real" world too!! And that God has used the bloggy world to connect us in a way that passing in the foyer can't do!!
Much lovexxxx

Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed listening to your story and life journey Sammy thank you for opening your life up to us
I am so in for one of those yummy little cupcakes
PJ is so awesome isn't she???
congrates on EVERYTHING!!!

love and light

Leonie said...

Oh these are so cute I have to put my name in too :)

Joyeful said...

Yeah!!!!! I love your heartfelt posts and your story has blessed my heart so much! You share without bitterness, but with honesty and I just love it!

I saw these adorable cupcakes on PJ's blog and was drooling over them!! what a fun giveaway!

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