Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It always ends badly

It starts with such promise. Together on the bed while I fluff around. Each holding one of Mama's lotion or potions. Laughing and all smiles.

There's joy as one anothers lotion or potion is admired. The spirit of sharing and loving shimmers in the air.

More giggling as cream is put on each other. My heart is full (as I hastily fling make-up on my face).

But. One of us decides that his potion is not enough. I see that snake in the tree!

And just like that the peaceful, joyeous atmoesphere shatters. The banshee erupts. And I have yet to finish my makeup. Sigh.



MNM's said...

Ah yes, the bonds of sibling love ;-)

Pretty much every 'sharing' opportunity ends like this in our house lately too. We're now starting to make a big effort not to always give in to the littlie wanting something 'cos he's too young to know better' as otherwise it's not teaching him about sharing...especially as his older brother is more tolerant than most he's been getting away with it a bit too much!

Anonymous said...

so true so true...no matter what age
just had one of those happen a few minutes ago between the 7 year old and the 16 year old...wrestling turns into tears....most times than not!

your bubs are soooooooooo adorable, and I just marvel at how much they look alike

love and light Sammy

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how big Blossom is!!!!!

Penny said...

ha ha so well written! love it

tea said...

They're both so cute. Sharing is a hard thing to learn. At least they didn't squirt all that lotion everywhere. :)

Simoney said...

HAHAHA! Oh yes. It never changes.
PS so sorry to have missed Blossom's dedication :(

Gail said...

Hahahahahaha. So gorgeous. The photo where Rupi is taking it out of her hand is priceless.

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