Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Meet April. Our English cousin- for me, it's by marriage. They have been visiting New Zealand and she is just lovely. Her husband is pretty nice too and sounds just like Gordon Ramsey. Without the foul language that is!

They adore the children and we have talked about everything under the sun relating to children. About feeding and sign language and being shy. Sleeptime and wakes times and everything inbetween.


Except the fact that Rupi is adopted. I didn't even realise we hadn't talked about it until today. It just never came up. I am positive that someone in the family must have told them our history so I am sure they know. But I never felt that itch to speak about adoption with them. That urge to fill a silence that screams to be filled with Rupi's story.

I wanted to get to this place. Where we can meet people we have never met before and NOT feel like we have to automatically tell Rupi's story. It has become just that- Rupi's story. HIS story. For him to tell.

The pastors at church that have adopted talked to us about getting to this stage. Where the story becomes the child's to tell. Or not to tell, as they wish. It's about respecting that this story belongs to a person. It's first and foremost their story. It's not about hiding adoption at all. Just about it becoming Rupi's story to decide to tell. And then supporting and backing him up in the telling. Making it ok and safe to tell to the people that he chooses to tell.

This has really excited me. This milestone. Rupi's story is an amazing and miraculous one. But it's his story first, and then ours.



Anonymous said...

thats beautiful Sammy,
really touching

love and light

tea said...

Love this! So true!

Mumma2s said...

That is lovely that you feel this way and that His life story is now his. I love seeing families like yours. I grew up in a family that has adopted, and fostered and our family is made up of kids of all nationalities. Every single person is one of us and if people ask, well it is up to them to tell their story. All of our family and friends accept them for being part of the family and to us they are just one of the family no matter what.
Love following your life story, thank you for sharing.

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