Thursday, December 23, 2010

I think... may be Christmas soon! Happy Birthday in two sleeps, Jesus!

Today was my last day of meetings and work-y stuff. I got home early and let the nanny go complete with gift and thanks. I got to sit down and play with my offspring (such a grown up word!) without thinking of emails I need to check or things I need to do. Bliss.

The weather is cooler, thank you God! Seriously it's been like a sauna in Auckland. I love the heat and humidity but this has been unbelievable. Energy sapping. The groceries are delivered- yay for on-line shopping! The gifts are wrapped and all I need to do is some baking tomorrow.

I feel my neck muscles un-tensing and the Christmas spirit rising up! Woohoo!

Yes my children are nudi-rudi a lot!!! It's summer and some of us are learning to anticipate when one needs to go to the toilet. As for the other smllest person, well there's no excuse.



Gail said...

haha- Nudie Rudie and kiwi kids go hand in hand during summer. Master 4's fav. outfit at the mo : undies.
If we're lucky!

Glad that you're able to unwind now and chill out. Enjoy it honey, you totally deserve it! xx

tea said...

Ha! I love how you place the star so strategically! (Hope I spelled that right..?)

Your kids are so cute. Blossom is such a beauty.

And I agree with Gail, you totally deserve this time to relax and enjoy the holiday!

Also, I love the way you've done your "the journey" section on your left sidebar. It's so encouraging to read the stories of others. <3

Merry Christmas, lovely Sammy!!!

MNM's said...

CUTE-EE-PIES both of em! Yay for some time with offspring - and no work demands. Bring it on :-)

Anonymous said...

loven' the rolls
Ihave to say we ever let our kids go naked up here is Canada...well we live in igloos and snow all year around don't you know???!!!

just jokes
; )

you beans are as cute as buttons!!!

Merry Christmas Sammy
blessing for you and your family!

love and light

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