Sunday, December 12, 2010


Christians and Santa (aka Father Christmas) are like Christians and Halloween. You get 5,000 varying opinions and all of them are heart felt.

There have been two awesome posts about the fat old man in a red suit over the last day or so and they are both brilliant. If you have ever wondered about this topic have a read here and here....

We are working out how we feel about it all and for this year all we are doing is having Santa sacks (Father Christmas stockings etc). Growing up we used pillowcases for our stockings and so I have made two simple drawstring sacks with each child's initial on the front.

On Christmas morning we plan to get up before the kiddies (therefore will be starting our day at about 4.30am....), grab Blossom's bottle and some coffee and get the kids into bed with us. Their sacks will be hanging off the drawers in our room and they can get into them. Can't wait! Blossom's stash is not very exciting with clothing and her first (pink, awww!) drink bottle but I don't imagine she'll care!

We haven't even mentioned Father Christmas to Rupi and he wouldn't know who the heck he was so I figure we have another year to come up with a definate plan...



tea said...

Your sacks are really cute, Sammy. :)

Penny said...

We had pillow cases? Funny what you remember, I thought we had stockings : )

Simoney said...

You've made those sacks lovely!!

Well done Sammy... I'm sure you'll figure out a way to get around Sanat when Rupi And Blossom are old enough to care!

MNM's said...

It is always such a juggling act the whole Santa vs no Santa (do you go all out with the fantasy, do you say no way uh uh not in this house, or something in between?!).

We never had Santa in our house (pretty strict Christian beliefs in our church!) and I never felt hard done by.

And I was having JUST this discussion with hubby last night - he grew up with a stocking from Santa in the morning and prezzies from M&D later in the day.

We ended up in a bit of a heated discussion whilst I was wrapping all the presents, which we eventually resolved, and I then lightened the moment by being cheeky and writing on one of hubby's little gifts - 'love from Santi-pants' in honour of your post title. It worked. We were able to laugh about it in the end.

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