Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sweet Mary

As a wife and homemaker (and type-A driven personality) Christmas falls on my shoulders. As does any other celebration and preparing for it. I think it's just what women do and while I am not complaining I have been feeling the burden of it.

In between work and bringing up children and running a house, I have 5 million "things to do". List after list of gifts, planning and doing. I am running around so much I have not given a thought to the reason behind what this season is.

So today I stopped and thought. And spent time with Him. Mr Special- I heart Him so much.

I thought of Mary. Sweet precious Mary. Right now many years ago she would have looked like this.

Heavy. And lumbering. Like I felt here. Right now she was preparing. Not only for a birth but for a journey. A long and arduous journey. And when you are heavy and lumbering the last thing on earth you have capacity for, is a long journey.

I imagine Joseph was like most men. The planning and packing would have been Mary's task. [Although Joseph would have loaded the donkey as men are expert loaders of vehicles! Well, mine is anyway.]

I imagine this journey would have seemed immense to Mary. Packing and sorting would have taken so much energy out of her. She must have ended each day with an aching back. The weather in the middle east is not that cool at this time of the year and so she would have been hot as well. Phew.

Sorry Mary but what you were facing all those years ago makes me feel better! My little "to do" list pales in the light of a massive journey on a donkey and labour at the end of it!

But I am so glad you did it! Thanks Mary- you rock.



Cat said...

Sammy thank you so much for this post!
it is so good to see some joy around Christmas out here is blog land...I have not seen much...even amongst those who follow the teacher who was born during this momentous time. I so do not say these words in judgment, as I too live in a world of consumerism and materialism, where it is easy to loose the real meaning of this time, but instead it has made me sad that darkness has been able to infiltrate even those of steadfast heart into feeling this time of year is a burden.
So your post here today has given me hope, hope that we can indeed make a change if we only take the time to remember what was going on right now so long ago and what came of all those things...the wonder, the love, the amazing gift of life and freedom that is for all who claim it....
sorry for the soap box just warmed my heart so!

love and light

Sammy said...

Thanks Cat! You are so encouraging. Christmas can so easily be a burden and I haven't seen much of the Jesus factor in many blogs (including my own). I get a little tired of seeing posts about everything BUT Jesus and words like "elving" and "solstice" bandied around. Every word BUT Jesus used. I know not everyone believes what we do but I get a little tired of Happy Holidays instead of what Christmas is about.
One foodie blog I read does even mention that there is a holiday (the writer is Jewish).
I get that we all believe different things and I respect those who do, but it's a little wearying.
I need to remind myself a lot about the reason for this season. So next year we will do the whoel advent thing as I think it focuses the family on Jesus.
Ok, off the soapbox myself!

Leonie said...

thank you for a really timely reminder. I have honestly never thought about Christmas from the viewpoint of Mary being so heavily pregnant and travelling. You have certainly changed my perspective and I too will stop and give thanks and keep in the front of my mind the reason for the season.
I too get sick of it all being about presents, santa and spending money.
I think thats why my motivation to get ready is lacking - because we really should only be getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus and that only requires that we believe - not hundreds of dollars and stress.
Our local christian radio station (the only station we listen too) is doing a 'giving back' over the last few weeks. Where someone can call in with a need (or someone they see in need) and then people have the opportunity to call in and help those people out. It is humbling and beautiful to hear what people are doing for each other - starting from something as simple as mowing the lawn for someone who is struggling... love it because thats what the giving should be about.

Simoney said...

Great post Sammy.
I like the way you think.

tartankiwi said...

Isn't that terrible, I am now 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant and never even thought to compare my condition to Mary's! Thanks for making me stop and think.
I hope that Mary felt as good as I do at this stage, but the idea of undertaking a journey like hers at this moment in time is horrifying!
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

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