Sunday, December 5, 2010


Today was a cause for much celebration, our little Blossom got dedicated. No, this does not "make" her a Christian. Rather we, as her parents, stand before our church and God and promise to bring her up in the ways of God. And the church promises to help us in return. And the church is awesome at helping and encouraging!

I cannot believe that it was only last year we did the same for Rupi. And how different this feels. Rupi was our breakthough, our son of vision and restorer. When he came we got the chance to do those things we'd waited so long to do. Like have a baby shower and dedicate our child before God. So when we did those things for the first time it was so emotional. With Rupi's dedication we were still healing and I was still raw. I honestly wept through the WHOLE dedication. Tears of utter joy and gratitude and relief.

But this!

This is joy. This is celebration. This is the end of infertility. We were singing before the dedication and God whispered the word "celebrate". True's bob, the next line in the song was about celebration. Nice one. NICE ONE!

Blossom is the "pure unmerited favour of God". His Grace. His Mercy. His Abundance. She is her Mama's princess and the cherry on the top of our cake.

So this was us. The same pastor who dedicated Rupi dedicated Blossom. [I took her to introduce her to him pre-service, to stop her freaking out.... and she vomited on him. Heck. And he was preaching this morning. Twice. He handled it well I thought... Although what option did he have???]

Blossom got some awesome prophesy. Thank you God! Rupi handled himself well and only went feral once Blossom's turn was over. After the sweets didn't pacify our small brown bear, Dida snuck off into the foyer with him. I graciously received prayer for the parents on behalf of both of us...thanks Rupi. I am sorry to say the feral state of being continued on throughout the service. Blossom however was an angel!

She looked so cute (may I say so myself!) She wore a dress her Nana got her in Scotland. I shortened the sleeves for her to make it a summer dress. Her auntie Kiki got her the headband and I adapted her socks to suit the outfit. The only thing I would change is to make her some knickers. I didn't think the dress would ride up so much and disposable nappies on show = not so cool.

We had a family photo afterwards which was like trying to herd cats. You can kind of see Blossom and I behind Penny. Sort of. [Note Rupi's face- awesomeness.]

My Mom got Blossom a cute little Bunnykins bowl and the card attached read:

"Children are a gift from the Lord, they are His Blessing." Psalm 127:3

This just expresses how I feel. Perfectly. Thanks God. Most Awesome Writer and Crafter of Words!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Blossom! And congratulations Sammy. I'm so glad to know you were able to celebrate with a full and happy heart. God is good. xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a beautiful day and a very special time to reflect on your journey to becoming parents. May there be many moments of joy and delight!

Widge said...

How cool!
So happy for you with your miracle blessings xo

Penny said...

Yay was soooo awesome to celebrate with you! Blossom looked gorgeous.

(Please can you email me a copy of the family photo? It's chaotic but priceless if you know what I mean.)

These Three Kings said...

Wow!! Amen! Cant wait to hear what the Lords plans for this little ones life will be. He is good and doesn't withhold ANYTHING good from those whom He loves! You have a in the midst of showers of blessings!
Love the family photo too!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day! We did the same thing for Aiden last week with all my family and my in-laws in town, it was great!

PaisleyJade said...


MNM's said...

Wonderful retelling of such a special day in your Blossom's life. And there always has to be one who decides to play up on the day...I think that's the rule kids get ingrained in them at birth...! Great you didn't let it affect such a special occasion.

God is good and mighty! I love your ability to hold firm and true to faith in claiming his blessings on your life in spite of the outlook is exactly what made this day possible.

God Bless xx Meg

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