Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And we caved

Tonight Rupi and Blossom had their first dose of antibiotics...ever. We are pretty natural: all natural cleaning products, soaps, toothpaste etc and also no vaccinating (yet). We always said we'd use antibiotics only when we absolutely had to and Rupi's gone over two years without.


We're not playing with their health. Green snot for the fifth day running and a temperature, and we made the call to get the antibiotics in them. The lemon & manuka honey lollipops, Pamol and organic chest syrup were just not cutting it. My doctor is so good. He thought we could go without but gave me a prescription "just in case". And 5.30pm saw me in the chemist, getting the stash.

As I arrived home Blossom did the biggest bobbit (Rupi's word for vomit) e.v.e.r. So, very glad to get her dosed up and rocked up and in her cot, soundly asleep. The kiddies are generally very healthy, we have them on Vitamin D, Zinc, Flaxseed oil and probiotics. But when they are this sick, we are happy to bring in the Big Guns. Hello antibiotics!

We have carefully chosen what we do. There's a place for natural medicine AND a place for conventional medicine. At this moment we are so happy to be going the conventional medicine route!



Meghan at MNM's said...

Gosh you really have had a few days of it...good call on the antibiotics. Sometimes it just IS the right thing to do.

And I'm sure the fact your kids haven't been overdosed on them in the past means they'll be quick acting :-)

Leonie said...

oh wow, how many kids would have made it to two without antibiotics? thats awesome!
We are trying to use natural products for our children (now) and any signs of infection we use colloidal silver, olive leaf..etc. But sad to say my kids have had a LOT of antibiotics in the past.
Would love to know more about the natural products you use.
And, hope your wee ones are feeling better this morning.

Penny said...

Good on you for going with what you think is right for your family! Prayers are with you for getting better soon!!

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