Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Miscellany Monday (on my Tuesday!)

Linking up with Miscellany Monday (and it's Tuesday- does that give an indication of how my week is going???)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Mr Ordered

Rupi "parks" his trains when he's finished playing with them. All in a row against something. And heaven help you if you move them- they are PARKED and ORGANISED people!


Can I say how sick to death I am of sickness? The highlight of my weekend was a call to Healthline as Blossom had not been taking much in the way of fluids for a day or so- to be told that unless I get 5ml into her every 5min she was off to hospital. Way to cause panic in this Mama's heart... And Blossom put on her "I am being murdered, call the police" act every single time I syringed the fluid into her. That would be every single 5 minutes. It was rather a long day.


I ♥ sharing food with Rupi. It makes us both very happy to eat out of one bowl or plate. He slinks up to me when I am eating breakfast and climbs up quietly and steals mouthfuls of my food. He shouldn't be sitting on the table at all, but somehow gets away with it in this case! Yes that IS a can of fly spray behind him. I can't believe that I have sunk this low- using yucky chemicals in the air. But I hate flies more than I hate chemicals and there are so MANY of the little devils.



Venessa said...

I found you through Misc Monday! I am now following your blog. we are in the process of adopting and love to read other stories! Thank you for sharing yours!

tea said...

Our son has those trains too. Aren't they fun?! It's so funny that Rupi parks them like that. What a neat thing to do.

I hope you sweet girl is starting to feel better. ♥

Simoney said...

You are the coolest Sammy. Love that Mr Organised. Tee hee.
Boo hoo about poor Blossom. And poor YOU!
I hope it will be all over Soooooon!!!

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