Sunday, February 13, 2011!

Today is Sunday. And it's church day. A day where we go and meet with people we love, worship our God and hear some awesome words. Well, that's the way it used to be.

For the last 2 years its been go to church, meet the people we love and then disappear into either the parents room or a kids program. We love our life but REALLY wish Rupi would let us go to into the room where the grownups are! And yes, I know we could force him to stay by himself in the kids program but having him in hysterics and beside himself is not how we roll.

Today though was breakthrough day!

Dida stayed home with Blossom (he's done his knee in, after doing his back in and can't walk)... so Rupi and I went solo. I admit I wondered what the point of going would be as I would not actually BE in church but off we went. Our normal routine involves taking a pram as Rupi will refuse to walk at some point and want to be picked up, be very unfriendly when anyone talks to him and attach himself like a limpet to our leg when we go to the children's program.... and HOWL when we leave him.

But today, oh today!

I asked him if he wanted to walk or go in the pram when we got out of the car. "Walk peez Mama". Well, ok. He then WALKED by himself all the way into church and greeted people when they greeted him. At this point I wondered where my real son was. We went in for worship and he stood on his OWN and clapped and danced. He didn't ask to be picked up once. I actually got lost in worship. Wow....

I took him into the children's program and hung around the edges for a while. So far so good. I told him I was leaving and shot out of the room. HALF AN HOUR later our family number came up on the screen. I got to hear a good chunk of the service. I admit I ran to the room he was in expecting to find a quivering mass of hysteria. Actually no! He was weepy but ok. He was OK! The children's workers are incredible and made such a fuss of him for being so big and brave.

I had the best time at church! I got to have awesome conversations with my friends Shelley and Jo... and Rupi was happy. I was so proud of him. I admit I have been praying for breakthrough with Rupi on the Daniel Fast and God is so faithful. All we want is that church is the amazing experience for our kids that it is for us. And it looks like that is going to happen!

Rupi got a soft serve on the way home for being so brave and staying "self" in the kids program. I think this is the start of something good and new!



Meg said...

Oh yay that's very very cool! Hopefully next week he'll be even better, these things take time.

Hey thanks for the award but the whole bloggy award thing isn't really me, I do really appreciate it though! I'm free during the week some time if you want to meet up for coffee? You can email me through my blogger profile I think.

Abigail Jasmine said...


Love your blog, sistah!!


Anonymous said...

So happy for you!!!

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