Friday, February 4, 2011

Natural kiddies

**UPDATED** Linking up to Kelly's Korner "Show us your life- What do you feed your kids?" Mealtimes are so hit and miss with a 2 year old that I so glad we give him the extra bits and pieces. Other wise he would exist on pieces of toast, porridge and tinned spaghetti!

Original post:

Well now. Have had comments and emails about what we use with the kiddies and how truly natural we are so here's what we do. This post is about the kids and another will be about us.

**you may want to zone out and skip this post if you find the whole natural thing b.o.r.i.n.g,...snore....)**

So anyway.

When Rupi was born I couldn't breast feed him (for obvious reasons, like not actually giving birth) So I went to my doctor and we worked out a plan for getting the best possible nutrients into him. Then when my foray into breast feeding was disastrous with Blossom we implemented the same plan with her.

Also we are currently non-vaccinators (gasp)...... The pro and anti vaccinating debate raises people's blood pressure and so I am not really entering into it. I have had very adverse reactions to discussing it, even with people very close to me, so I am gun shy. This is what WE believe and is personal to us. You may have a very different view point and I respect that. This is what we decided for OUR family (only).....

I am not happy with what goes into vaccines and the fact that they put the body into an infammatory state. Plus the flip flopping of what vaccines are offered and how many and when (so young!), scares me. So we decided that while they are little, we won't vaccinate our kids. We looked at where we live (middle class area) and the fact that our kiddies are home based and so pose a low risk to themselves and others.

So, formula-fed, non-vaccinated kiddies meant we have really needed to focus on their immune systems. We have wanted to build them up. And I think we have largely succeeded. They are pretty healthy and have avoided most infant issues like ear infections etc.

We suppliment their bottles with:

  1. A drop of liquid Zinc a day (for the immune system)
  2. Drops of liquid Vitamin D- Rupi gets about 6 drops and Blossom half that (immune system again)
  3. Probiotic powder (for their colons and keeping them healthy therefore can fight bugs)
  4. I am also introducing Flax seed oil (for the fatty acids) as Blossom is on a very restricted formula and the doctor is not sure if she is getting enough of what she needs.

Oh, and also Vitamin C powder in water when they are a bit run down. They sip the drink over time so their bodies absorb more.

We try and make sure they eat lots of fruit. Rupi won't touch veggies so we load him up with fruit. It's a bit hit and miss as you can imagine with a toddler! Other than that they drink lots of filtered water and very little juice and no fizzy drinks. Very few biscuits and lots of plain rice crackers. I give them organic raisins (to avoid the insane amount of pesticides on raisins) also make my own ice pops with diluted fruit juice.

This sounds like we are super holy and live off sprouts and legumes. We don't! Rupi and I have lots of dates with cakes and fluffys as evidenced below. We eat sweets and chocolate and take aways too, just in smallish amounts. Dida is miles healthier than me and is The Food Police at our house! I am the "Sneaker in of Good Stuff" also known as the "Sweet supplier"!!



Simoney said...

Big admiration coming your way. You are awesome cammy. way to go on being such a healthy mama.

PaisleyJade said...

Good on your for all the careful effort you are putting into your children's healthcare... they are so precious!

Even though we chose to vaccinate our children, I do have concerns too, especially after meeting a few children who have had serious implications after their vaccinations - so don't feel at all judged! As parents the most important thing is to consider the options, pray and make the decision we feel is best. Who cares what others think and say.


Penny said...

Would love to go this route a bit more, must be so much better for them...but big gulp at the cost!

Anonymous said...

we are anti vaccinators too Sammy!!
I am so with you!!!!

love and light

mountain mama said...

yay for ya'll for being a natural family!!!

kiddos are so much more healthier and their immune systems stronger when given what their bodies need.

glad that others are taking the time to research, spend the time and money etc. to have happy healthy kiddos!!

Leonie said...

Thank you so much for sharing what you use.
We are trying to do a more 'natural' approach for our children and give them olive leaf extract and vitamin c for their immune systems. I will look to add zinc to this too and an oil.
We immunised our children but looking back I wish we had more information. All my three had severe reflux as babies which made it hard to enjoy their first year and each time it started as soon as they were immunised (and we figured this out by delaying the imms for number three).
Good on you for making a decision for your children that is informed.

Shelby said...

Love this post. Totally agree with you (even about the vaccines - gasp!) :) My youngest son is adopted and I make his baby formula from the recipe from the Weston Price Website. It is also in the Nourishing Traditions cookbook if you are familiar with that. I love the fact that I know exactly what he is eating, the formula has no sugar (only a small amount of pure, organic lactose), and I add vitamin D3 and calcium lactate for immune system boosting. It is great you are so informed and careful about your children's health.

Kristina--Picky Tots said...

Love this post! I am such a believer in probiotics and natural methods as well--as a feeding therapist I encounter a lot of children with digestive complications, food allergies, reflux and many things that go hand in hand so I love being able to share the 'probiotic goodness' as you said :) I have a feeding blog and although I've been slacking on posting new healthy recipes I do have a recipe section you might enjoy!

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