Thursday, February 10, 2011

An award!


Because its my blog and I can, I nominate these two amazing bloggers as well!

8. Meg at Growing Up Love this girl!
9. Shelby at For such a time as this A newbie to my world and another adoptive Mama with a huge heart


Thanks Mountain Mama for giving me an award! SO EXCITED? Ridiculously so....

The guidelines (should one accept):

  1. Thanks and link back to the blogger who passed this award onto you
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Award 15 other recently discovered great bloggers
  4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.
7 Things about myself:
  1. I have big feet. I nearly always find my size at a shoes sale!
  2. I need to live on a hill or elevated. I can't stand living in a valley or overshadowed by something. There's something quite spiritual in there....
  3. I am tired. All the time.
  4. I like the colour white or soft greys. Soothing and haven-like.
  5. I have green eyes. I may have been burnt at the stake for them in the middle ages. Yay for the 21st century!
  6. I like Dida's hair- it's a brown black and boofy. Don't tell him I said that, he'll cut it.
  7. I have found this quite hard work, figuring out seven things about myself. What should I say, what's not ok to say....blah blah....The end.
15 recently discovered great bloggers:

(This list WON'T be 15 and I am taking poetic license with the word "recently")

  1. Mel at the Larson Lingo such a creative with an infectious smile
  2. Grace Kay at Grace Kay's World my African connection with an honest and courageous soul
  3. Helen at One Trick Pony always positive despite what's happening in her world (and GREAT photography)
  4. Sarah at Ah! The possibilities such a fabulous writer and we just click in our little bloggy hemispheres!
  5. Venessa at My Crazy Blessed Life I am praying for this girl! Come on God!!!
  6. Leonie at Kiwi at Heart she is home and I am looking forward to meeting her
  7. Penny at My Spirited Baby yes I have followed her for a 100 years and yes she's my sister...but I ♥ her SO much and she's a great writer!
Well it may only be 7 blogs, instead of 15, but check them out they are pretty amazing!



mountain mama said...

you deserve it!!

i know, totally hard to come up with 7 things!


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you! And we share large feet and a love of hill top living as well!

tea said...

Congratulations Sammy!!!
I enjoyed your 7 things! :)

Venessa said...

Thank you! I will post about this soon!! I promise...just probably in a couple of days! Work is draining me this week!

Leonie said...

aww.. thanks Sammy.
I totally love your blog!!

grace kay said...

well congratulations sammy, and thanks for the award :) you're my first and only new zealand connection so yei!

FROGGITY! said...

congrats on the award!

am catching up with blogs, glad to see you are doing well!!!

Stephanie said...

HAHA! I have big feet also, especially considering I am only 5'4"! And I am tired... all the time :)

Ms O said...

I'm a lurker / follower and I just sent you an email. I hope you'll find time to respond. Thanks

Holly said...

Cool facts! I love green eyes. I'm jealous. :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Yeah!! Thanks for the award! You are so sweet! My oldest Kate has green eyes also, I love green eyes! I am always tired also...maybe I should go to bed before midnight.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Sammy! This is the sweetest thing! We have been oh so busy but I am going to find time to post a big cyber hug to you on my blog about this. LOVE your blog as well! xo

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