Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm in

After a lot of internal arguing with myself, I am on board with Gail's amazing Walk for Christchurch. 

I was always going to do it so why the arguing? *sigh*


  1. I help Christchurch!
  2. I get to hang with Gail
  3. That's all I got
  1. I am hideously unfit
  2. I hate asking people for money
But after I got over myself I sent an email to friends and family asking for sponsorship. And now I am asking you. Please sponsor us? There will be pictures for you to laugh at and yes, they will be very unattractive. Have I mentioned how I look like a tomato after any sort of exercise????

It's amazing how a tragedy like this makes us get over ourselves in ways we could never imagine. So I am asking you again to think about making softies. There was an interview (on the non-stop television coverage of this event) with some little children. It broke my heart. Little people who have seen things that no little person should have. And the fact that they can't sleep at night because they are scared. A softie sent with love may make sleeping a little easier and show them they are loved. If you can't make them (like me) get someone to make them for you perhaps? Kristy from Paisley Jade is making some for me....

Thanks, love from the Shameless One



Gail said...

Yay sweets, I'll add your name to our walkers list and I've put the grab button on my post too. Hope that's what you meant (I'm a dummy on the techo front).

We are over $1000 in sponsorship now!! Yay!!

Leonie said...

Oh good on you Sammy!!!I would like to but Im still too chicken!

And thats a cool idea to get Kristy to make some for you to donate - very cool! Thanks for supporting our appeal!

Another question, how long does it take to make a starter for the water kefir???
I have been hunting Everywhere up here and no one has any idea!

Meg said...

Hey I'm going to do it too... complete with my asthma puffer! Maybe we should bring band aids for our blisters too.

Penny said...

You're awesome Sammy! Go you xxx

Anonymous said...

good for you!
wish i could join you girls, it will be fun!

love and light

Meghan at MNM's said...

Yay its great to see so many people getting on board in whatever capacity they feel they can. Good on ya!

The Welly Walks for Christchurch has 35 walkers already....eek! I'm excited and TOTALLY freaked out at the same time!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. Thanks fr doing your part - as well as raising money ¥ou are also giving people a sense of compassion and solidarity with their suffering and that means so much to me anyway!

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