Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We are a little nation. There are only just over 4 million of us. So when our garden city, Christchurch is ripped apart by an earthquake, it affects every single one of us. No exceptions.

It's hard to wrap our heads and hearts around the figures. 75 confirmed dead and 300 still missing. This is the same city that endured another massive earthquake last September and was just getting back on its feet. 6 months later, even worse has happened. For what Christchurch went through go here

It's so heart warming to see our friends rally around us. Australia, the US, Singapore and so many other nations are helping us. We need help, you see. We are so small that everybody is connected. So those are OUR friends and family who need rescuing and treating. Our people who ware waiting for news of loved ones. Our people who need water and food. Ours.

Please pray. Pray for the people still trapped that a miracles will happen- they will be found safe and well. Please pray for the families waiting for news. And please pray for healing for those who are injured.

{Also if you are able to please donate to help those affected}



Anonymous said...

reading all your posts is so helpful as it brings my closer to your crisis
It is so easy to feel far away and removed.
thank you for a lovely post Sammy

love and light

Venessa said...

Sending so many prayers for all of you! I pray for healing and peace. I also pray that everyone continues to come together to support each other!

mountain mama said...

praying for the situation and everyone affected~

jennohara said...

Sending prayers your way and to everyone affected.

Shelby said...

Praying for all of you. So sad that this has happened.

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