Thursday, February 24, 2011


We are miles away from Christchurch, on a different island, where the sun shines and buildings are stable. But even if the world did not shift physically for us, emotionally and mentally it did.

We are all so aware of what's happening down south.

{minutes after the quake}

As PJ said, I find myself glued to the TV and radio, desperate for news. Laughing when it seems like there is a glimmer of hope for a trapped loved one and crying when those hopes are dashed. Our emotions are like yoyos as we cling onto any spark of good news.

And as I walk along a sunny Auckland street, latte in hand, it doesn't seem right to be normal. For us to be bumbling along when not so far away, people are still trapped beneath concrete girders and rubble.

Time seems to tick on mercilessly while standing still. We are living here in peace but our hearts and minds are down country. Its almost too big too imagine. The city centre is bad enough but almost every single Christchurch resident is affected. People are lining up for water! No power, no water and no waste management. And there is no indication of when basic services will be fixed. Its defies belief.

Everyone is desperate to DO something. Even my client in a meeting today is offering free legal services to Christchurch residents. And what can we do?


"But mightier than the violent raging of the seas
mightier than the breakers on the shore
the Lord is mightier than these!"
Psalm 93:4

God is mightier and even though I cannot understand why this happened, He is Mightier.

On a practical level, if you are crafty, please make a softie? And if you can't (like me) maybe you could sponsor someone making one? I read that children are so affected by this particularly as the aftershocks go on and on and they just can't come to terms with it all.

Or you could sponsor the WALK Gail has set up, donate to the Red Cross...anything would help.

Please continue to pray for our nation, we need God's intervention. He is mighty to save!

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Venessa said...

I continue to pray for all of you dear friend!I pray that he continues to show you his love and healing. Thank you for sharing so many ideas on how we can all get involved to help!

Leonie said...

thanks for spreading the word Sammy. It is so hard to comprehend what is happening in Christchurch.

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