Saturday, April 4, 2009

My box of tricks!

updated.......a clarification!
My post below makes it sound like this is the first IVF cycle I have had support for.....ummmm NO WAY! I have had incredible support from my best friend, friends, family, bloggie friends, church family and people that know people I know. It's been such a blessing and I appreciate it so much.
What I meant to say was that this is the first time someone has supported me with their body. And that's very unique. It takes support to a whole new level. My donor will know what taking drugs is like, will know what an ultrasound is like and know what egg collection is like. That kind of support and generosity blows my mind!
So hopefully that clears it up. Does in my head anyway...!

Here is the most expensive cooler bag ever!

We both went to the clinic on Thursday to pick up our stashes of drugs. My poor donors eyes were like saucers as the nurse showed her how to inject her drugs. She did so well!

It feels so good to be doing this as a duo. I found IVF so lonely as while my friends and family are so loving and supportive, it's happening to my body. No-one could know what it feels like. And even though my husband is incredible he is the opposite gender! As the woman, it all happens around your body.

So now I have a matie who already gets it. She knows the stress and anxiety and is completely there with me. Even though we have very different treatments going on, we are doing it together. Two girls doing this as one.

Man, that feels so good! I feel like I have someone fighting my infertility with me. She is down in the trenches with me, in the mud and slush, doing combat with me.

I am so blessed.
Beyond comprehension.
Because I have her but I also have another who would do the same thing for me. I am so humbled and thankful.

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Janna said...

Its so wonderful that you have a support system in place! I can imagine it would be so much harder if you had to go through this alone

And of course, I am here in Napa, Ca battling for your fertility through prayer!

Sammy said...

Thanks Janna! I love that we are on opposite sides of the world- well, opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean!, cheering each other on xxxx

EcoMum said...

Your little man is so cute! Mums are the best eh, and your friends sound AMAZING!

GB said...

You are so right, what an AMAZING level of support this friend is offering you. A reflection of a) what an incredible person she is, and b)how much you and Michael mean to her.
Praying for you Sammy.

P.S. So nice to "catch up/see you" in person the other night....I was trying to remember the last time we did anything on a social level... I think your 30th?????
Mark said it was good to touch base with Michael too.

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