Thursday, April 23, 2009

Come on follies!

We had great scans yesterday. I have grown a great endometrial lining just right for little embies! My beautiful donor has 10 great follicles and quite a few smaller ones too. Go girl!

Her one ovary has developed follicles more quickly than the other side and I am praying that the smaller ones on that side have a growth spurt!


Next scan is Sat morning and we (almost definitely!) have egg collection on Monday with the possibility of it on Tuesday. That means that replacement is late next week. Argh- SOOOOO excited!

My poor donor is really unwell and her littlest boy is not sleeping well at all at night. She is getting minimal sleep and is still having to go to work. She is such a trooper and doesn't even really complain. Also the one drug she is on (to stop her ovulating- one I have never been on) is really yucky. Stingy and burny on the way in and stingy and burny on the way out. It's got some other nasty side effects too. Poor girl. My heart breaks (and I feel ever so guilty too!)

OK, given that things are moving at the rate of knots and this is a very vulnerable time for us, I have a request.

If you are associated with my physical life (are at Equippers or in some other part of my life) and are a reader of my bloggie.......please become a follower

This just means that I will know who is following over the next month or so. This blog is open and is my journal and on it I talk about stuff that I really don't share all that easily. All are welcome and it is in the public domain. Its a God-thing and I believe the right thing to do.

It would help me tons to know where my physical life and blog life overlap.

Thanks muchly xxx

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Simoney said...

Hey Sammy that's wonderful news...
I got a nice batch of goosebumps reading that! Hey just a thought, it might be easier for people to "follow" if you include the "following widget" and put it somewhere near the top of your sidebar. I am OF COURSE already a dedicated follower... if you want help with setting it up I can talk you through it or come on over (plus I stull have a bunch of clothes for Reuben!) xxx Much Love, from ME xx

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