Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why I love my husband

He takes care of the goggas.

All together now... ggggogggas. Rolls those "g"s! That's South African for insects by the way.

We have a current ant problem and he has a plan. Heaven help any insect that sets a wing, claw or leg in our house because only heaven can. And that's where they end up...heaven.

The ants don't stand a chance. I hate ants or any other insect. Ants I can squish, other creepy crawlies no. That's where the hubbie comes in. I scream "Gogga!" (really helpful when panicking as you don't have to identify the type of yuckiness facing you) and in he charges with the spray can and anything else he can find.

The only time an insect won against him was back in South Africa. In Joburg we have "Parktown Prawns"- a hideous-huge-locusty-crickety-black thing that haunted my childhood. They are mean and squirt a black stuff. Eugh!

Anyway, he took one on with a broom one day and it chased him around the room. Did I mention they are smart? The insect world has been paying ever since for his humiliation...

So yes, I love my husband because he is taking care of the yucky ants. Which I am unable to cope with right now. Ah, the bliss of knowing they are taken care of!

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These Three Kings said...

what a awesome hubbie you have! They are great arent they??!!!
thanks for the spur to think about what great things my hubbie does for me! l

love you friend!

GB said...

Haha. So funny! I'm the same.... when I see bugs, I'm yelling for Mark to come and deal with them.... in a no-mercy sort of way!

Penny said...

Parktown prawns! THE worst goggas ever!!! I don't think you realise until you've seen one. I've been chased before too. A NZ bug that brings me close to that same terror are cicadas - yuk!

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