Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I heart my doctor

This may be a ramble, my head is candy floss....

My doctor (my donor and I have different doctors within the clinic representing us) has been doing our scans over the last week. He rocks. I trust him.

So when I found our that neither he or my donor's doctor was on call this weekend to do the (possible/ maybe/ likely) egg collection, I was not happy. I trust my doctor the most, then I trust my donor's doctor. Mine is the most experienced and respected and hers is the "heir" to his position once he retires.

After another scan today when very little had changed, I wanted to weep. My doctor cheered us up by saying that should we have egg collection this weekend either he or my donor's doctor would come in and do it. That's good because I trust them. I may have said this already.

After the clinic meeting at midday we were called and egg collection will be Sunday. They are confident that we will have some good sized follicles.

Thank you Jesus. There is an end in sight. They are delaying egg collection by a day so my donor can have her little boy's birthday party on Sat. Can you believe it, the one day we wanted to avoid turns out to be THE DAY. Luckily the clinic is flexible.

I am so grateful for all the prayers at the moment. I feel buoyed up by them and know that God in near.

I heart my doctor but I heart Jesus more.

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GB said...

So good that you have a great relationship with your Doctor. That in itself is a HUGE blessing for your journey!
Will be praying for you for Sunday!

Simoney said...

Yes Sammy, will certainly be praying for you on Sunday. I am so tingley for you when I think of it. Ooooh, more chills! xx Luv you so much! xx

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