Monday, April 20, 2009

So proud....

..I could pass out! I (formally non-sewer-girl) made Rupi some pants! They are from a "pattern" in Soulemama's book "A Creative Family" and are made from one of my hubbie's old T-shirts. Yup. So proud.

But wait, there's more.

I made a SECOND pair of pants for him in merino wool and this time I had to adapt (gasp!) the "pattern" as these pants did not begin life as a T-shirt....

Here is my darling modeling the T-shirt pants for you.... I would have had a picture of the merino ones too but he vomited all over them this morning (3 vomits and 4 poos today- the washing machine has been pushed to its limits! It's panting and resting right now...)

Yes He loves to stand and locks his little legs when I try to get him to sit down. No way! He wants to stand!

I am so very tired at the moment. Tired like I was when Rupi first came home. The word for me from my God is to S....L....O...W down. Something I am not good at doing. I am trying to do treatment, get my little Etsy shop up and running, be a housewife, daughter, sister and friend while making my boy the number one priority (after the hubbie of course).

Too much.

So anyway...

Wed is the big reveal. My beautiful donor will have the first follicular scan and we'll see what we have. Hopefully we'll have a nice collection of follies all growing nicely. My donor wants 10 each side (that's tons by the way) but I would be happy with less. I mean, all I ever managed was 2 or 3 each side (each ovary that is) so anything more than that is wonderful.

It would be nice to have egg collection sooner rather than later for my donor so she can recover well for her little boys birthday party on the 2nd May.

Please keep us in your prayers xxxx

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GB said...

Those are too cool!!! I love them. I am going to attempt (shocker) to make something for ME to wear..... argghhh.. but I want to.

Praying for you!

P.S. I love that book. My sister has pre-ordered the new one for my birthday. Yayness!

Penny said...

He looks delicious in his new pants! Totally fine for out of the house - when you can sneak them past hubby. Am gonna check you are slowing down! Praying heaps x

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