Saturday, April 25, 2009

Up and down and stop and start

The area of fertility medicine is not an exact science and this was proved today again! My donor and I just laughed over coffee after the scan. With all the technology and science, God is still clearly in charge and will not be put in a box!

Despite what the doctor and nurse said on Wed, we are not having egg collection on Monday.

My donor's follicles have gone on strike over the last few days and have not grown much at all. Nothing to worry about, we just need more drugs and slightly larger doses for a couple of days. Oh and more financial outlay too.... but that's just money- poo!

This is the nature of treatment and especially from now on. When you think you are in one place, you are really not and things change every 12 hours. This is the roller coaster part!

So another scan on Monday and egg collection is likely (I use that word lightly!) to be later next week. There is a finite point to this as follicles can only grow so big before something happens- I am not sure what but not keen to find out... So they can't push her past late next week.

Still, God IS in charge and He decides. It is lovely to be doing this with someone and laughing about the craziness together.

I have just one prayer now with two words in it: please God. Please God. Please let this time work God. I have faith that 4th time is the blessed (not lucky!) one!

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Jodi said...

God IS in charge and HE decides, you are absolutely right. He hears the prayers of our heart and will answer them when the time is right. I am praying for you my friend!

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